Transform data into information


Data Visualization

Hearing something is one thing, but seeing it provides a whole different picture. World Three Technologies promotes tools that transform data into a visual form that is meaningful to our customers. Through clearer presentation, decision makers can more easily conceptualize what is happening in their environment, enabling them to make smarter decisions and be confident in their actions. Effective visualization can help you in trend analysis, correlation discovery, and uncertainty reduction.

Our Approach

We start by acknowledging the world is a complex, dynamic, and multidimensional environment. We know presentation of data is vital to understanding and making sense of this complexity. By visualizing their data we enable our client’s perception of the many factors affecting outcomes; we provide our clients a means to discover the previously unknown in their data and to act with more confidence from this new-found knowledge.

Our analytical approach provides a means for our clients to understand correlation (the idea that data is related to greater or lesser extents) to recognize relationships might or might not imply causation, and to better estimate outcomes based on mathematics. We offer a means to reduce uncertainty or manage decision choice based on a quantitative acknowledgement of the level of risk.

Our approach:

  • Recognize the complexity the world presents.
  • Display information as elegantly as possible.
  • Evaluate relationships based on information.
  • Express risk or uncertainty as clearly as possible.
  • Enable action based on understood relationships.

We understand the world is complex, often with many variables affecting an outcome. Our approach provides visual evidence to our clients to help them understand complexity. We can help clients interpret the information and draw inferences from what we see.

  • Appropriate data selection
  • Transform data into information.
  • Turn information into knowledge.
  • Use knowledge to enable superior decisions.