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Data Management Services

As your data sets become larger, effectively structuring and optimally extracting information from your databases becomes a differentiating factor. We help our clients in this area by understanding their current data storage solutions, evaluating proven technologies that fit with their needs, and safely migrating them to the most effective and modern data stores available. Using money-saving, quality, open-source and cloud-based solutions, we help provide secure data environments to support today’s businesses while minimizing the risk to vendor lock-in.

Our Approach

World Three Technologies works with clients to understand their data capture plan, database implementation, and information sets. We look to offer cloud-based technologies and modern databases to improve cost control and operational efficiency. We work to enable information to be accurately aggregated and analyzed, resulting in a clearer picture of operations. Solutions range from minor changes of legacy software/hardware architecture to a full migration to the latest technologies offered a cloud-based environment.

We start by listening. We know our clients know their company, their products, and their markets very well. After understanding business from their perspective, we look to see where adjustments can be made to save money, improve profits, and increase information security. As part of what we do, we assess workplace software tools in use, information workflow, efficiency, and bottlenecks.

Our approach:

  • Evaluate current data capabilities.
  • Offer solutions that offer tangible ROI.
  • Monitor for effective implementation.
  • Enhance value to the client from feedback.

World Three Technologies understands and addresses our client’s needs first and foremost. We offer proven business and technology solutions in areas where they are most effective. Our combined experience of over 40 years in team improvement, technology implementation, data analysis and decision support will improve your company’s profit and value.

  • Scalable cloud-based solutions.
  • Data loss protection.
  • Information security.
  • Continuity of operations.