Our Inspiration

We are inspired by British philosopher of science, Karl Popper, who supposed three worlds: World One – the world of physical objects such as iron and silicon, World Two – the world of mental objects such as ideas, and World Three – the world of mental objects manifested in the physical world such as libraries and computer networks. We subscribe to his view that knowledge is advanced by forwarding conjectures and held until refuted by evidence.

Our Perspectives

We approach business challenges from two complementary perspectives. Through careful listening and observation and after thoughtful consideration, we might suggest organizational or process changes, or recommend specific training or communication improvements. In other cases we might recommend improvements through implementing better advanced information technology. We promote solutions that are as simple as possible and always in the best interest of our clients.

Management Perspective

Team effectiveness matter most. This means company leaders have a clearly articulated and communicated strategy upon which teams can take action. Teams must use economic, business, and market information to guide them in their decisions. We endorse active management debate about business environment complexity, risks, and reward. We believe when innovative ideas, motivated teams, and market demand converge, success is achieved.

Technical Perspective

Technology can solve many of a business’ challenges, but it can’t solve all of them. We look to modern innovations in open source technologies applied in situations where they make sense to maximize return on investment. Open source solutions can deliver innovative technologies needed for organizations to compete at lower total costs.

“Your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing.”
A. Lincoln

Our People & Values

We are a responsive and agile team focused on helping our clients succeed. We enter all client engagements as partners with an open mind and focus on delivering solutions that make measurable results. We look at each client’s specific situation, evaluate their circumstances, and make suggestions for improvement in both management and technical areas.

Our Approach

Our goal is to make our clients more competitive, efficient, and smarter versions of themselves. We mentor teams, help advance respected leaders and motivate productive employees to maximize an organization’s human capital. We look towards open-source technologies as a means of improving our client’s productivity, communication, and understanding of their business environment to increase their value.

We focus on serving a variety clients including:

  • Closely Held Firms
  • Professional Services Firms
  • Technology Start Ups
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Management Consultation

Technology Implementation